Awesome Electronics Upgrade for MissLED!!!

Raymarine C-Series Chartplotter on the Lower Helm

We just finished up a huge electronics upgrade and I am so excited! It solved what I consider a safety problem that is common on trawlers like mine and made the boat much safer and easier to navigate.

I installed massive Raymarine C-Series 9″ chartplotters on the flybridge and lower helm and they are networked together. There is also a new HD radar with a 48 mile range and a new depth sounder.

Chartplotter on the Flybridge

Many Grand Banks trawlers like mine only have a single radar or chartplotter. Why is this less than ideal? Imagine you are cruising in the afternoon and a thunderstorm blows up on you in the middle of the ICW. You need to get down below in a hurry and be ready to know EXACTLY where you are when the wind and rain hits and visibility goes to zero.

With both plotters up and running, your waypoints and routes are active on both, so all you need to do is go below grab the helm and you have exceptional situational awareness to get you through the weather. In more benign weather conditions, it allows you to take a break from the sun and be with your significant other if they are spending time in the salon.

Crazy cloud formation after the gust front gathered up the fog and moved off to Sarasota.

Also, during those rare times when we have fog in Southwest Florida, the HD radar will help you find your way. On my most recent visit, I thought I would need this when I woke up and the anchorage was shrouded in fog. I didn’t need to use the radar after all since the fog was literally blown away by a 30kt gust front that blew through and cleared it out.

Finally, we installed a top of the line Standard Horizon VHF radio with DSC integration. If you are not familiar, this means the radio is hooked up to the GPS and pulls in LAT/LONG data. If the unthinkable happens and you need to send a distress call, you flip a cover up and push a red button for 3 seconds. It will then send an automatic distress signal with your coordinates.

Overall, these state of the art electronics will help you feel more comfortable as you grow accustomed to MissLED and you cruise through unchartered waters.

The Spring is booking up, but we have some availability in March so give us a call to set up your trawler charter today.


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