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TOP 10 Reasons Grand Banks Trawlers are the Best Cruising Yachts*

1. Beautiful on the Outside – The lines of a Grand Banks are indescribably elegant, beautiful, and distinct. The designers know how to make a boat look “right.” You don’t need to see a nameplate to know it is a Grand Banks.

2. Gorgeous on the Inside – While sitting on the comfortable settee or admiring the stateroom from your berth… you are surrounded by gorgeous teak woodwork finished to a warm glow. Everything you look and touch communicates exceptional quality and thoughtful design.

3. It’s About the Journey, not the Destination – Seven to nine knots is the perfect pace to enjoy the wonder of the oceanscape. Wake tossing fast boats miss the play of the dolphin in the bow wake, the glimpse of a bald eagle in the mangroves, or the beauty of the early evening sky… in a Grand Banks, savor every moment and enjoy the ride.

4. Low Fuel Costs Keep you Moving – The Grand Banks trawler sips fuel at its ideal cruising speed – a GB36 consumes a paltry 3 gallons per hour. You can cruise for a week and refueling costs will not break your budget.

5. Easy for a Couple to Handle – 360 degree flybridge visibility and full walkaround decks take the stress out of docking – especially when equipped with twins. Single-handing is possible unless the wind and current are exceptional.

6. Seaworthy to Keep you Safe – The hull design and heavy fiberglass construction are overkill for most situations. However, if you get caught out in an unexpected thunderstorm or change in conditions, you can be confident that the Grand Banks will return you to port safely in the types of nasty conditions that may pop up during coastal cruising.

7. Protected Running Gear Gives you Peace of Mind – Inshore ocean waters are constantly changing. Shoals emerge after a storm and charts aren’t updated. Chances are you will kiss the bottom at some point. With the protected running gear and rudder, the boat will protect itself from your mistakes.

8. The View from the Flybridge is Unmatched – Panoramic view all around… of the waterway and the beautiful lines of the yacht. Light breeze in your hair, warmth of the sun, and adventure ahead of you. Why would you want to be anywhere else?

9. You Will Sleep Well – Berths on Grand Banks are designed for sleeping. Comfortable materials and long enough for six footers and more. Comfortable motion at anchor and berth is low to minimize movement and keep you cool.

10. Designed for Long Term Cruising – Whether you charter for a week or are an owner who takes the yacht out for the weekend… the mechanical systems, comfort systems, and overall design will ensure your happiness and comfort.


* Note: Primarily refers to 32′ to 44′ Granks Banks Trawlers.

MissLED – Grand Banks Trawler Charter

Welcome to my new site about my dream boat… the Grand Banks trawler MissLED. In this post I give a brief description of my time with MissLED.

I was fortunate enough to purchase her nearly four years ago. When I bought here she had been sitting for nearly three years with ZERO attention. If you have been around boats, you know what this means… a LONG list of boat projects.

Here is a shot of my first cruise in MIssLED. First of many happy hours.

I have been working this list since then and have upgraded or replaced many significant systems during this time including the replacement of a 200 gallon fuel tank – a major undertaking. So all mechanical systems are working exceptionally well and there is no better sound that the purr of the twin diesels in sync at cruising speed.

Once the mechanicals were ship shape, I focused on the exterior. Skilled shipwrights, varnish masters, and detailers have brought her brightwork, decks, and gelcoat to a beautiful shine. She hasn’t looked better in MANY years! I believe no boat looks better than a Granks Banks at full glow!

I recently moved MissLED from Charleston, SC to Sarasota, SC to explore new waterways and to enjoy the warm sun and waters during the winter. Since this home port is so far from my home, I figured, what better time to begin sharing this amazing Grand Banks trawler with others?

Please feel free to review this site for details on this amazing boat. Please give me a call or email to discuss in greater detail…

I hope you soon will experience what I think is the best view in the world… the view from the flybridge of my 36′ Grand Banks while cruising the beautiful waterways of Southwest Florida.

Gary Trott