Clean and Shiny and a Quick Visit

Check out this awesome reaction Kathryn had to this dolphin showing off in our wake! Love it!

MissLED is happy after a quick trip to the boatyard. She received fresh bottom paint and her hullsides were buffed and polished. The blue stripe at the waterline complements her perfectly and the hull is shiny white

Her teak accents were touched up and she is looking as gorgeous as ever. Grand Banks trawlers require constant attention, but they pay you back with their classic looks, enduring quality, and the fun you can have on them.

Speaking of fun, we were able to take her out and we had a great cruise with some seriously nice weather. I hooked into my favorite secret anchorage and had a blast.

Slept with the aft companionway open... this was my view when I woke up and looked out. Life is good!

The wildlife was particularly active this time. A pair of dolphin cruised with us for at least 45 minutes and another pair put on an aerial show in our wake.

Schools of fish were everywhere and were jumping out of the water and away from predators hundreds at a time. While walking on “beer can island” a school of these fish flew out of the water towards of us and split at the last second like two silver clouds. I was worried that the thing chasing them would get us.

This is a great time to book a Grand Banks trawler charter! We have a number of bookings, but do have availability! Please email

Beautiful skies at sunset will cruising on Sarasota Bay

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