Top 10 Reasons Grand Banks are the Best Charter Boats

1. Beautiful Lines – Perfectly balanced and proportional, a Grand Banks won’t be mistaken for any other trawler on the water. Compliments like, “Nice Grand Banks!” from passing boaters come often. Its classic lines are elegant and distinct, both from a distance and up close. The designers have fine-tuned aesthetic perfection; simply put, the boat just looks “right.”

2. Gorgeous on the Inside – Inside a Grand Banks trawler, you aren’t just staring out the windows admiring the view. After soaking up the sun on the flybridge, you come inside to find yourself surrounded by teak woodwork of the utmost quality. It’s finely finished to a warm glow, creating an elegant ambience. This nautical aura is infused into whatever you choose to do indoors, whether it’s sitting and chatting on the comfortable settee, cooking dinner or relaxing with a good book in the berth.

3. It’s About the Journey, not the Destination – A steady seven to nine knots is the perfect pace to enjoy the wonder of the oceanscape. Faster boats are sure to pass you by, but you’ll enjoy what those boaters are sure to miss: the playful dolphins frolicking in your bow wake, the glimpse of a bald eagle gracefully emerging from the mangroves, or the dynamic, colorful clouds of the early evening sky. In a Grand Banks, savor every moment, enjoy the ride.

4. Low Fuel Costs Keep you Moving – A Grand Banks trawler sips, not guzzles, its fuel. At the boat’s ideal cruising speed, a 36′ Grand Banks consumes a paltry 3 gallons per hour. You can cruise for a week and the refueling cost will not break the bank.

5. Easy for a Couple to Handle – 360 degree visibility from the flybridge and full walkaround deck access takes the stress out of docking, especially when equipped with twin engines. Single-handing is possible unless the wind and current are exceptionally strong.

6. Seaworthy to Keep you Safe – Seaworthy and well built to keep you safe – Grand Banks are designed to be safer than (usually) necessary. But if you catch yourself in an unexpected storm or a change in conditions, you’ll be thankful for the hull design and heavy fiberglass construction. You can be confident that a Grand Banks will return you to port safely in the types of nasty conditions that may pop up in coastal cruising.

7. Protected Running Gear Gives you Peace of Mind – Inshore ocean waters are constantly changing. Shoals emerge after a storm and charts aren’t updated. Chances are you will brush against the bottom from time to time. With the protected running gear and rudder, the boat will protect itself from your mistakes.

8. You Will Sleep Well – Berths on Grand Banks are designed for sleeping. They’re equipped with comfortable materials and mattresses long enough for those pushing past 6′ tall. The berths are situated low in the boat to minimize the easy motion and maintain a comfortable temperature

9. Designed for Long Term Cruising – Whether you charter for a week or are an owner who takes the yacht out for the weekend… the mechanical systems, comfort systems, and overall design will ensure your happiness and comfort.

10. The View from the Flybridge is Unmatched – Whether you’re piloting through a peaceful waterway or just reached a new port, the panoramic view from the flybridge allows you to discover your surroundings on a whole new level. Admire the sun’s reflection on the water, the landmarks you spot in the distance, and the beautiful lines of the yacht. You feel a light breeze in your hair, the sun’s warmth on your face and the adventures ahead of you. Why would you want to be anywhere else?

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* Note: Primarily refers to 32′ to 44′ Granks Banks Trawlers.

MissLED Trawler Charter Video

Navigate here to watch a short video tour of MissLED. I give you an overview of this 36′ Grand Banks and discuss what it is like to spend a week chartering her.

Charterer Comments

MissLED at my favorite anchorage

MissLED at my favorite anchorage

I am most gratified when charterers give me their feedback. Below are some comments from customers after spending time on MissLED, Grand Banks Charter.

“This February we had the pleasure of chartering MissLED beautiful and well equipped… If you are looking for a wonderful experience consider this option for your next southwest Florida vacation. You will not be disappointed.” Rance Leaders

“The boat is gorgeous and obviously well cared for over all. She ran like a top.” – Scott Derkin

“One of the many pleasant surprises came when we went to fuel the boat at marina jacks just before returning it. the fuel consumption for the week was a miserly 1.7 gph!” – Paul Mertz

“MissLED is a great boat- perfect configuration and size for two, or four for a week. She ran quietly and efficiently- carries plenty of water and lots of fuel. We found the twin engine configuration made her extremely easy to manoeuver and dock. We had near perfect weather. We headed south, anchoring out most nights, at moorings for two nights. We like good vacations, and this was the most relaxing we have had in years.” – Steve Smith

“This classic Grand Banks trawler reflects the attention to detail and constant upkeep put into her. She is comfortable and well-equipped, with thoughtful upgrades which make her a pleasure to pilot. Thorough checklists developed by the owner cover all phases of operation and take out the guesswork for new operators.” – Mark McCann

“On our last day the weather again gave us an opportunity to use the new radar and electronics, as there was 10- 200 foot visibility (at best) for the last 5 hours heading north.” – Paul Mertz

“We would give the whole vacation a 5 star rating. The boat is a joy to operate, and anyone should be pleased to be able to charter it.”