Charterer Comments

MissLED at my favorite anchorage

MissLED at my favorite anchorage

I am most gratified when charterers give me their feedback. Below are some comments from customers after spending time on MissLED, Grand Banks Charter.

“This February we had the pleasure of chartering MissLED beautiful and well equipped… If you are looking for a wonderful experience consider this option for your next southwest Florida vacation. You will not be disappointed.” Rance Leaders

“The boat is gorgeous and obviously well cared for over all. She ran like a top.” – Scott Derkin

“One of the many pleasant surprises came when we went to fuel the boat at marina jacks just before returning it. the fuel consumption for the week was a miserly 1.7 gph!” – Paul Mertz

“MissLED is a great boat- perfect configuration and size for two, or four for a week. She ran quietly and efficiently- carries plenty of water and lots of fuel. We found the twin engine configuration made her extremely easy to manoeuver and dock. We had near perfect weather. We headed south, anchoring out most nights, at moorings for two nights. We like good vacations, and this was the most relaxing we have had in years.” – Steve Smith

“This classic Grand Banks trawler reflects the attention to detail and constant upkeep put into her. She is comfortable and well-equipped, with thoughtful upgrades which make her a pleasure to pilot. Thorough checklists developed by the owner cover all phases of operation and take out the guesswork for new operators.” – Mark McCann

“On our last day the weather again gave us an opportunity to use the new radar and electronics, as there was 10- 200 foot visibility (at best) for the last 5 hours heading north.” – Paul Mertz

“We would give the whole vacation a 5 star rating. The boat is a joy to operate, and anyone should be pleased to be able to charter it.”