Grand Banks 36

MissLED is a 1987 Grand Banks Classic trawler charter boat that has been a safe, comfortable, and fun yacht for her previous owners and me. She has crossed many waterways and previous home ports have been up and down the East Coast from Boston to Fort Lauderdale. In addition, she has spent many seasons in the Bahamas. This experience should give you a sense for her reliability, flexibility.

A Bit of History and MissLED Overview
I purchased her over five years ago and she was in need of some series work at the time. You can read the article in my blog for more history. Just like all other boats of this age, MissLED has a character mark or two, but with the recent significant upgrades, she is the exact condition that I have been working towards that you will appreciate:

MissLED at my favorite anchorage

- Beautiful lines and teak accents turn heads everywhere you go. She stands out in today’s fleet of look-alikes

- Mechanical/comfort systems have been carefully maintained and upgraded to get you to your destination safely

- Electronics were upgraded in 2014 and are state of the art helping you navigate safely through unfamiliar waters

- Her interior décor has been updated and the majority of kitchenware is new within the last year ensuring meal preparations and rainy days are comfortable

A 36’ Grand Banks is the Ideal Size for Chartering

Grand Banks are perfect boat for chartering as I detail in my blog. However, if you have limited experience in larger boats or have a two person crew, a Grand Banks 36 Classic is your best choice among charter boat options.

Unlike many yachts with a motoryacht configuration, MissLED’s decks are on the same level all the way around. This makes it possible to quickly get from the bow to stern and get the boat tied up in a hurry if you are docking in an unfamiliar marina with wind and current working against you. Other configurations require you to up steps and through a cabin and down a ladder to handle the aft lines. This makes a potentially stressful time much calmer and even enables single handing for experienced captains.

Make no mistake, MissLED is a big boat. However, her “sail area” and weight are far less than longer Grand Banks Charters. This makes it less likely for you to lose control in high winds and makes it easier for you and other dockhands to maneuver the boat once lines have been thrown to the docks.

MissLED is the ideal cruising boat for Southwest Florida. I can’t spend enough time on that amazing flybridge taking in the beauty of the boat, the sky, and the sea. She is easy and safe to handle, beautiful to gaze upon, and the perfect private island for your charter vacation.

Click here for MissLED’s detailed specifications. Please call or email today to book your adventure.

Gary Trott
trawler charters