High Heels and High Tides: Sophisticated Fun on a Grand Banks Trawler Charter

I just finished a quick weekend on MissLED with my girlfriend. We always have a fun decision to make when we arrive – go for a peaceful weekend at anchor surrounded by natural beauty or opt for a more social, nightlife-focused experience at a marina. We often have a chance to do both, but for this short stay we chose the marina.

The weather was a perfect 80 degrees with a 5-10 knot breeze as we took our time cruising to our destination Marina Jack http://marinajacks.com/ which is adjacent to downtown Sarasota. After tying up we settled in for a beautiful sunset and enjoyed meeting our new neighbors at this always active marina.

The sunset from the flybridge was incredible. The colors were spectacular and a few clouds arrived just in time to create an amazing panorama. After that it was time get dressed for dinner and a night on the town.
The options for sophisticated fun are impressive within walking distance of Marina Jack:

• Restaurants – Have a favorite food? You can most likely find it on or just off Main Street.
• Live Music – Jam bands, rock & roll and jazz can all be heard on a stroll down Main.
• Dancing – Slow dancing to oldies head banging or aggressive dancing to club music is all possible on a typical
• Theater – Check the calendar, many performance venues are close by

Check this website for all Sarasota has to offer. http://www.visitsarasota.org/

>As we approached downtown, we had a great surprise. The Sarasota Christmas Parade was about to start. We were hungry, and wanted to watch the parade so we grabbed a bar seat at Tequila Cantina and watched the parade go by. The most bizarre moment was when a float with numerous lions and tigers cruised by.

Afterwards we enjoyed a jazz duet, fun dancing at Gators, and discovered Ivory, a club that was cranking until the early morning hours with great dance music.

The next morning I awoke and discovered Rebecca’s high heels contrasting brilliantly on the teak woodwork. They inspired this post and made me think about how fortunate I am to have such a great boat in a great location that allows me to have such amazing experiences with my wonderful girlfriend!

I hope you contact me about a Grand Banks charter on MissLED and discover what you like best… a peaceful night at anchor or a fun night in the city from your water-based homebase.




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