MissLED – Grand Banks Trawler Charter

Welcome to my new site about my dream boat… the Grand Banks trawler MissLED. In this post I give a brief description of my time with MissLED.

I was fortunate enough to purchase her nearly four years ago. When I bought here she had been sitting for nearly three years with ZERO attention. If you have been around boats, you know what this means… a LONG list of boat projects.

Here is a shot of my first cruise in MIssLED. First of many happy hours.

I have been working this list since then and have upgraded or replaced many significant systems during this time including the replacement of a 200 gallon fuel tank – a major undertaking. So all mechanical systems are working exceptionally well and there is no better sound that the purr of the twin diesels in sync at cruising speed.

Once the mechanicals were ship shape, I focused on the exterior. Skilled shipwrights, varnish masters, and detailers have brought her brightwork, decks, and gelcoat to a beautiful shine. She hasn’t looked better in MANY years! I believe no boat looks better than a Granks Banks at full glow!

I recently moved MissLED from Charleston, SC to Sarasota, SC to explore new waterways and to enjoy the warm sun and waters during the winter. Since this home port is so far from my home, I figured, what better time to begin sharing this amazing Grand Banks trawler with others?

Please feel free to review this site for details on this amazing boat. Please give me a call or email to discuss in greater detail…

I hope you soon will experience what I think is the best view in the world… the view from the flybridge of my 36′ Grand Banks while cruising the beautiful waterways of Southwest Florida.

Gary Trott

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