Time for Some Boat Upgrades

Watching football on MissLED... a new experience for me.

MissLED is in great shape and ready for a very busy winter of charters. In preparation for this, we are upgrading this classic Grand Banks trawler with up to date electronics to make your voyage safer, more comfortable, and fun.

For too long, I have resisted adding a television to MissLED because I try to disconnect when I am on the water. However, based upon requests from my customers it became obvious that many of you do want it. Thus, I have added a 22″ full HD LED TV with built in DVD players. I must admit, I did love being able to watch football on the boat, I am going to be spoiled now.

It operates on DC power so you can watch at the dock or when hanging on the hook. I also reconnected the big antennae on top of the mast. I haven’t had a chance to fully test it, but I expect to be able to pick many (30?) over the air channels. When at the dock you can hook up to the cable at my marina or others you may visit.

I also have several DVDs on board for your viewing, but I must warn you there are no romantic comedies… only action stuff so bring your own if that isn’t your style.

I also installed some new speakers in the galley/Salon and the sound is exceptional. The stereo receives many great stations, works with CDs, and has an AUX in for phones or mp3 players. it works well for mellow music for reading or blasting out music for a boat dance party.

We are currently installing some other MAJOR upgrades to the electronics and comfort systems I will be writing about in the near future.

Please give me a call or email to set up your Grand Banks trawler charter vacation on MissLED.


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