Unexpected Fun on a Last Minute Trip to MissLED, Grand Banks Trawler Charter

One of my close friends cancelled plans for the weekend in Georgia, so I checked the weather report and the forecast was perfect for Sarasota.

So, I booked a last minute flight with frequent flier miles and took off to SRQ. The weather was ideal and I headed off for my next Grand Banks adventure.

I set the anchor behind Bradenton Beach and got the dinghy ready to go… And then I discovered I had forgotten my oars. Whoops! I didn’t feel like swimming to shore, so I had to change plans.

Yes, that is Santa on the bow

Since activities ashore were not to happen, I headed to my favorite peaceful anchorage behind Jewfish Key. Then I had one of those happy surprises… the Cortez Yacht Club was having its annual Christmas boat parade and the route went right past my boat.

It was a beautiful sight! The sailboats were the most spectacular with lights up to the top of their masts. My favorite was a sailboat tan projected a FIRE onto its sail. The participants were singing and having fun and I was stoked for such a a fun surprise.

That night the moon had set and the starts were spectacular.

The parade was led by a giant Santa

The next day, on my way to home port, I was escorted by multiple groups of dolphins. This never gets old! I love watching their graceful moves in the clear water and their surprising leaps out of the water.

Check in with us and schedule your last minute trip here! MissLED is a 7 minute ride from SRQ.


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